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The Bibingka guild was established by Pillowlover last December 29, 2012, together with co-founder Pillowaddict and Leynachie.


The guild was built for players seeking a quiet, no-strings attached, guild. It was built for the sake of being able to access guild quests without having to attend to the needs of a guild waging war, making events, or other social events which require you to be present, or else you will be kicked. The guild does not require you to be online every week. It does not require donations or fame contributions. The tax taken by the quests you input through the guild, as usual, will not be gold taken from your own money.


No plans for guild war. No plans in owning a guild town (you can still access guild quests through other guild bulletin boards). No plans on making enemies.


If you are looking for a guild who hosts trials and other events, then this is not for you. If you are looking for the quiet guild type, then give the founders a call. They are more than willing to accept members. It might take 1-2 days processing so please be patient. If the players are online and you need some help, members are friendly enough to lend you a hand, provided that they have free time.

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