Bewitched Shells V

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Name: Bewitched Shells V

Level: 37

Location: Valley of Kings

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Jott. Requires completion of Bewitched Shells IV.

Next Quest: Ulta Hall I

Legend: Valley of Kings Sec 4: Bewitched Shells


"I don't think it's time for me to get involved just yet," Jott said carefully.
Jott intoned a spell. A beam appeared and entered your body.
"_____. I put the Dragon Guardian Power in you. It belongs only to the protector, and it seems you've been accepted."
"The force frightens away monsters whose souls were eaten by demons. Go to Carmela's camp and defeat Carmela Vice Officer Gador."



"Child, you have to understand what you'll face," Gray mused.
"Once you leave for Carmela camp, you must accept your fate and complete your quest."
"Defeat Gador with the Dragon Guardian Power."
"In the past, he worked for the Church and stole the book on forbidden spells. He couldn't control it. No one can."
"I will entrust you with the position of protector after you complete the task."



"On behalf of the Church and all the elders, I bestow upon you, _____, the title of protector," Gray announced proudly.
"Your future is undecided. You can make your own choices. But don't forget this honor; it will help you. Thank you, Protector _____."
"One more thing, please accept this shard from a legendary meteor fragment. I believe you will need it."
(You acquired Ice Meteor Shard)
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