Bewitched Shells II

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Name: Bewitched Shells II

Level: 36

Location: Valley of Kings

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Erth. Requires completion of Bewitched Shells I.

Next Quest: Bewitched Shells III

Legend: Valley of Kings Sec 4: Bewitched Shells


"According to their Battle Plan, the Zumi Rangers mainly take charge of supply and sending orders within the Carmela Gang."
"There must be lots of supplies in their camp."
"If we successfully cut their food supply, Carmela Gang will be greatly handicapped." Erth's mind raced with possibilities.
"Go to their camp, kill those Carmela Guerrillas, and destroy their supply chests."



"They must guard the food supply very carefully. Take care! Pay attention when you try to destroy the supply chests."
"You mean a lot to us. If we lose you, we will face a big trouble. So, _____, stay safe no matter what."



"That's why they are all messed up," Erth explained.
"You'll never see anything more joyous than this. You really are good at creating disturbances." Erth propped himself against you, laughing loudly.
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