Bewitched Shells I

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Name: Bewitched Shells I

Level: 36

Location: Valley of Kings

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Erth. Requires completion of The Unknown Poison V.

Next Quest: Bewitched Shells II

Legend: Valley of Kings Sec 4: Bewitched Shells


"_____. It's time to launch an attack on the Carmela Gang," Erth intoned bravely.
"I was injured in battle a while ago, but the wound hasn't healed."
"Carmela Gang also has a Torturran army. They're tough to beat because their shells are practically unbreakable."
"Go to the Carmela's camp west of the village, and bring me some carapaces from Carmela Fighters. I want analyze their rigidity."



"I can't believe it. Compared with their shells, ours are nothing." Erth shook his head.
"The Torturra in Carmela Gang have no dignity at all. They don't deserve those carapaces. You must bring them back. I'm sure there are some secrets inside," Erth said bitterly.


  • 2 gold
  • 210 silver
  • 72599 EXP
  • 200 Witness of Prosperity fame
  • 5 HP Potion III


"Look at that. Their shells can stand attack from stone spears and even break them."
Erth took up a spear nearby and struck it against the Steel Back Shell. The spear was broken, but the shell did not have a mark.
"Our shells are much weaker and can't stand too many attacks," Erth explained, embarrassed.
"Is it related to the spell marks on it?" Erth stared at Steel Back Shell.
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