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Once you reach lvl 30 you can branch off from Warrior into Berserker or Paladin. The Berserker is the more aggressive of the two classes and at Berserker becomes the pure damage dealing class. They mainly use axes and swords at this stage.

The next class advancement is at level 65 when a Berserker can transform themselves into a Warlord.



  • Good Defense - As a Berserker, you have the third highest defense stat in the game. You not only do damage like a champ, but you take it just as well.
  • Primary Damage Dealer (DD/DPS) wanted for dungeons - Because of the fact that you can drain a bosses MP, and other DDs can not, makes you an invaluable DD for dungeons. You also have a stun that can actually stun bosses, unlike most class's stuns.
  • Weapon Variance - Berserkers can use almost any weapon in the game, so you can try many different weapon types out, and put different combos together. They also have the ability to dual wield weapons at level 31 with the "dual wield" talent
  • Fast killer - With the right set up, you can take an enemy down in a matter of 2 hits
  • Many AOEs - You have a total of 4 Area of effect attacks, two of which take charges.
  • Self Healing - At Level 61 you gain a new skill "Recovery". Restoring X points of your health every 2 sec for 20 seconds.


  • Lack of range skills - Not a big deal, but in pve, you either have to walk up to the enemy, shoot them once, or bull charge them to close the distance between you and them.
  • Not good at lower levels - At level 31, Berserkers are pretty underwhelming in both pvp, and pve. They don't kill very fast at first, and they need to pot quite often.
  • Lack of MP without legacy Armor - later on, skills eat up about 100mp per use. Average mp of Berserkers is only about 1.7k.
  • Dual Wielding and Shielding - Despite being able to dual wield, Berserkers then cannot use shields if they decide to dual wield.


Damage (Single) Skill

?plugin=ref&page=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%D0%A1%BC%A5%B5%A1%BC%A5%AB%A1%BC&src=skil_b016.jpg Abyssal Slash
Adds 1 charge point; after applying skill on enemy target within radius of 6 meters, all enemy units will receive regular attack and be affected by X pts of physical harm

?plugin=ref&page=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%D0%A1%BC%A5%B5%A1%BC%A5%AB%A1%BC&src=skil_b010.jpg Bull Charge
After casting, players can quickly move to a single target, target's skill use is interrupted and will make the target fall into Stasis. As the level of this skill progresses, the distance between the user and the target can be greater.

?plugin=ref&page=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%D0%A1%BC%A5%B5%A1%BC%A5%AB%A1%BC&src=skil_b007.jpg Power Wave
Adds 1 charge point; deals regular attack effects and damage to a single enemy target, plus X pts of physical damage after casting.

?plugin=ref&page=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%D0%A1%BC%A5%B5%A1%BC%A5%AB%A1%BC&src=skil_b013.jpg Ground Pulse Wave
Adds 1 charge point; deals regular attac effects and damage to a single enemy target, plus X pts pf physical damage and will also delepete target's Y MP after casting.

?plugin=ref&page=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%D0%A1%BC%A5%B5%A1%BC%A5%AB%A1%BC&src=skil_b015_0.jpg Crushing Blow
Adds 1 charge point, deals regular attack effects and damage to a single enemy target, plus X pts of physical damage, target's chance of critical hit Y%.

Damage (Area) Skill

?plugin=ref&page=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%D0%A1%BC%A5%B5%A1%BC%A5%AB%A1%BC&src=skil_b011.jpg Earth Shock
After casting, all enemy units within a 6 meter radius of oneself will sustain effects and damage of a regular attack, plus X pts of physical damage, with a chance of falling into Paralysis Y state.

Damage (Charged) Skill

?plugin=ref&page=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%D0%A1%BC%A5%B5%A1%BC%A5%AB%A1%BC&src=skil_b009.jpg Wild Whirlwind Slash
This finishing skill requires charges; after casting, within a 6 meter radius of oneself, the damage values sustained by all enemy units are X pts of physical damage to your standard attack.

Buff (Single) Skill

?plugin=ref&page=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%D0%A1%BC%A5%B5%A1%BC%A5%AB%A1%BC&src=skil_b006.jpg Blood-Thirsty
Physical skill cast on oneself, damage from regular attack + X%, enemy malice + Y% while this skill is active.

?plugin=ref&page=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%D0%A1%BC%A5%B5%A1%BC%A5%AB%A1%BC&src=skil_b017.jpg Dance of Chaos
Physical skill cast on oneself to gain X% chance of inflicting another damage and increase the chance of hit by 20%.

burstofvigor.png Burst of Vigor
After casting, players can +15% of max HP value, lasting for 30 seconds.

Buff (Charged) Skill

?plugin=ref&page=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%D0%A1%BC%A5%B5%A1%BC%A5%AB%A1%BC&src=skil_b018.jpg Battle Fury
For a physical ending skill that requires charges; after casting, it can cause one to become berserk while this skill is active, standard attack damage increases by X% and attack speed increases by 40%, but own damage +15%.

Debuff Skill

?plugin=ref&page=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%D0%A1%BC%A5%B5%A1%BC%A5%AB%A1%BC&src=skil_b008.jpg War Cry
Within an 8 meter radius of oneself, all enemy units sustain standard attack and X pts of additional physical damage, hit rate -30%, and enemy malice Y pts after casting

?plugin=ref&page=%BF%A6%B6%C8%2F%A5%D0%A1%BC%A5%B5%A1%BC%A5%AB%A1%BC&src=skil_b012.jpg Terrible War Roar
Within an 8 meter radius of oneself, all enemy units sustain standard attack and X pts of additional physical damage, casting speed -50%, and enemy malice Y pts after casting


recovery.png Recovery
After casting, this skill can restore X pts of your own HP every 2 sec for 20 sec.


Name Earth Star Moon Sun Effect
Combat MercenarySword SpecialistResilient VitalityEvade +8%, Attack Speed +10%
Heavy TankBronze Sinew, Iron BoneAura of HatredPhysical damage sustained -3%, Defense +7%
Light TankLight Arms SpecialistEvade +10%, Magic Defense +5%
Wind SamuraiLightfoot StanceAttack Speed +10%, Hit +15%
Wind WarriorHeavy Arms SpecialistRun +8%, Evade +10%
Greatsword WarriorHit+12%, Evade +5%
War Axe WarriorAxe SpecialistResilient VitalityCritical Hit Damage +30%
Light Axe WarriorLight Arms SpecialistCritical Hit +2%, Hit +5%
GeneralDual BladesDashing StrikeHit +4%, Physical Attack +5%
Massacre TrooperHeavy Arms SpecialistBronze Sinew, Iron BoneCritical Hit Damage +15%, Attack +4%
Battlefield BreakerHammer SpecialistResilient VitalityDual BladesDefense +8%, Magic Defense +8%
DiscipleLight Arms SpecialistMagic Attack +10%, Casting Speed +15%
Law Enforcement CaptainBronze Sinew, Iron BoneMP Depletion -15, Magic Defense +8%
Great Hammer WarriorHeavy Arms SpecialistMagic Defense +20%



Each Mastery skill requires 2 points to gain a level.

# Name Effect Notes
Furious_force.PNG Furious Fource Increases Strength +9 each level. "My Muscles Burn with the Fires of Hell"
Lethal_critical_hit.PNG Axe Sting Increases Physical Critical Hit Rate +0.8% each level. "Kindness to an enemy is cruelty to yourself. Out of respect for your own prowess, ignore all cries for mercy."
Axe_grinder.PNG Axe Grinder Increases Standard attack damage with Axe's by +1.5% each level. "An axe is as much a part of my body as my hand or heart. There is no technique or skill; there is only instinct."
Exacting_punishment.PNG Exacting Punishment Chance of defeating Humanoid-type enemies with physical attacks +1.

+50 damage to physical attacks against Humanoids

"The agonies of the battlefield fade away. My opponents' cries buzz as faintly as bees. All sensation washes away like rain. The only thing left is the Fight."
Blades_flow.PNG Blades Flow Increases Close range Attack speed +1% each level. "I strike in the time it takes you to blink. Consider it a mercy you won't even feel yourself die."
Burning_tatoo.PNG Burning Tattoo Increases Fire Resistance +3% each level. "My blackened soul was tempered in the fires of hell. What chance do mortal flames have against me?"


Each Mastery skill requires 4 points to gain a level.

# Name Effect Notes
Chink_in_armor.PNG Chink in the Armour Increases Close range Hit Rate +1% each level. "When the opponent shows an opening, I do not hesitate. When there's no opening, I create one."
Heart_of_the_wilderness.PNG Heart of the Wilderness Increases Agility +9 each level. "My wild heart beats with the furor of a stampede. My soul with crush your bones!"
Steadfast_will.PNG Steadfast Will Reduces the Chance of receiving Physical or Magical Critical hits -2% each level. "The crucible of battle forged my body and mind, casting them in hardened steel. I will never be broken."
Lightning_slasher.PNG Lightning Slasher Increases Dual-Weapon damage by +1.5% each level. "The best defense is a good offense!"
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