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When you see the word behavior it does not mean bots, or gold spammers. We all know they are annoying but they have their own way of being reported and taken care of.

The type of behavior that is considered reportable is anything that violates the Terms of Service of Aeria Games, or if you are feeling threatened or harassed in game(this usually falls under the Terms of Service). If someone is telling you in game on one of the chat channels that they are going to hurt you, hack you, or blackmail you to do something for them, this is reportable and bannable. If you are feeling harassed, that is reportable. And the most famous reason people get reported...if you see someone filter dodging in any of the chat channels, this is a reportable offense.

When reporting behavior there are a few things that need to be done in order to show the GMs(Game Masters) that it is behavior to be reported.

How to Report Behavior

  • Go to the Contact Us form on the Aeria Games website. You will be taken to a page that looks like this:


  • Click the Game Support link, from there you will be taken to this screen:


  • While at this screen hit the drop down box where it says "SUBCATEGORY" and you will see this and make sure the REPORT BEHAVIOR is the one you select:


  • After you select REPORT BEHAVIOR from the drop down box, the form will automatically change to the form where you report the behavior (see below) and all the options you need to fill out to make the report.


1. Account Name ~ this will be already filled in with your account name so the GMs know who is making the report.(This is also greyed out so you cannot change this option)
2. Game ~ click the drop down button and click "Grand Fantasia EN" if you click one of the other Grand Fantasia's, the report will go to the other language affiliates that are working on Grand Fantasia through Aeria. Please make sure to choose the language of the game you are playing
3. Server ~ put the name of the server you play here
4. Character Name ~ put your character name here. (Although the GMs can see which character's are attached to a certain account, they need to know which character you were on when the reportable behavior happened).
5. Offender's Character Name ~ put the character name of the person that is being reported. (Kinda the same thing as above, if they have the character name they can also see which account its attached to, so if the person gets banned they can look it up that way)
6. Proof of Evidence ~ when in doubt screenshot EVERYTHING! To make a screenshot(ss) simply hit the "PrtSrcn" button. The game will create a screenshot of the game screen and save it to a folder called ScreenCapture which is located in the Grand Fantasia game folder.
7. Date ~ this should be automatically filled in but if you take a while to complete the form, you have the option to update the time to just before you hit the send button
8. Time ~ put what the time is when you are submitting the ticket
9. Timezone ~ select which timezone you are in. This is automatically set for the timezone that Aeria Games is in so you will need to update this to reflect your timezone
10. Subject ~ put a short title saying what you are reporting (EXAMPLE: Filter Dodger)
11. Message ~ put a detailed message of what happened, although the screenshots will show it as well, its nice to get a write up so the GMs can get a sense of what was going on in game at that moment.
12. Send Me A Copy ~ click this box if you want a copy of the report you just wrote to be sent to your email so you have a copy.

  • After you hit the send button, you will be given a ticket number that corresponds to your report. It can take up to 48 hours to receive a response which will more then likely just say, "thanks for reporting, we'll look into it. Unfortunately we cannot tell you the outcome" Don't take this personally, they can't tell the outcome for privacy reasons but this response is to let you know that they are taking care of the situation
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