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The PvP battlegrounds are a border map where you can battle players of other faction. There are currently 6 PvP maps :

At first you may not see any enemy, but that is what the mini-radar helps with. As long as the map remains normal all is fine, you can continue to grind, quest, etc in peace, but once the map begins to flash red, then the enemy is near and you need to prepare yourself for possible conflict.

Basic PvP Rules

  • No Spawn Killing
  • No killing the enemy while they are interacting with NPCs
  • No hiding within the Relics (you become much harder to target and has thus been deemed a bannable exploit)


The purple icons located around some of the maps are neutral Relics, which is small shrine that is guarded by neutral Monsters. To claim a Relic, your faction must eliminate the Relic itself and / or the Relic guardians. Once this has been done, the Relic will be rebuilt in a few moments for your faction with a new compliment of faction guardians. When it reappears it will be color coded and renamed by faction (Pinkish = Fury Altar ; Green = Light Ides). The faction that possesses a Relic gains a bit of Blessing. When the Bless bar reaches capacity, your faction gains the Blessing of the Goddess for 10 online

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