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For Bard class outfits: Human, Zumi, Anuran, Ursun, Halfkin

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You are most likely to find a Bard relaxing in the shade of tall oak tree, quietly composing poems and songs. Often Bards are also found at the center of boisterous social events, wooing the crowd with charming music and dance.

Little known the to the people is the colorful Bard's excellent combat prowess. Using arcane musical spells and enchantments, the Bard suavely overwhelms the enemy with waves of power chords and fast-paced hypnotic music.

The Bard's gregarious songs and sonnets also have healing and defense powers.



Passive Abilities

Icon Ability Name Description
popularmusicians.png Popular Musicians Increases P-ATK and M-ATK +30% when equipped with a Guitar.
lightarmormastery.png Light Armor Mastery Can wear Light Armor. Check equipment type in the armor's description.
briskrhythm.png Brisk Rhythm (Human only) Increases Double Hit Rate +2%, but each strike deals less damage than the last.
wonderfulvoice.png Wonderful Voice (Zumi only) G-Healing +10%
lingeringecho.png Lingering Echo (Anuran only) Extends the duration of songs by 2 seconds.
echosound.png Echo Sound (Ursun only) M-CRIT DMG +20%
giftedmusician.png Gifted Musician (Halfkin only) Cast SPD +5%


Class Skills

Icon Class Lv. Skill Name Type of Skill Cast Time Cooldown Description Duration
vocalbomb.png 5 Vocal Bomb FireType.png Fire Instant 4s Deals Fire damage to an enemy; if enemy is under the Earth Shock effect, has a 20% chance to knock the enemy down. Lasts 4 seconds. Required weapon: Guitar Affected by M-ATK. 4s
demonicsymphony.png 10 Demonic Symphony Party Buff 2s None Increases M-DMG dealt by each party member within 40 feet for 12 seconds.

Required weapon: Guitar

warrhyme.png 15 War Rhyme Party Buff 2s None Increases the P-DMG of each party member within 40 feet for 12 seconds.

Required weapon: Guitar

songsofillusion.png 20 Songs of Illusion Party Buff 2s None Increases the EVA and DEF of each party member within 40 feet for 12 seconds.

Required weapon: Guitar

poemofwind.png 20 Poem of Wind Buff 1.5s None Boosts a target's Move SPD +10% for 15 minutes.

Required weapon: Guitar

15 min
burningmetal.png 25 Burning Metal FireType.png Fire Instant 5s Inflicts Fire damage per second to a 20-foot target area for 12 seconds. Also reduces all enemies' DEF. Stacks up to 3 times.

Required weapon: Guitar Not affected by M-ATK.

musicoflife.png 30 Music of Life Healing 1s None Heals each party member within 40 feet every second for 12 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.

Required weapon: Guitar Not affected by G-Healing.

spiritedmelody.png 40 Spirited Melody Party Buff 2s None Increases the CRIT Rate and M-CRIT Rate of each party member within 40 feet for 12 seconds.

Required weapon: Guitar

holyconcerto.png 50 Holy Concerto Party Buff 2s None Increases G-Healing and P-Healing for caster and party member within 40 feet for 12 seconds.

Required weapon: Guitar

musicalencouragement.png 60 Musical Encouragement Party Buff 3s None Reduces damage taken and gives caster and all allies within 40 feet immunity to Sleep for 8 seconds.

Required weapon: Guitar

4ccPW.jpg 72 Sonic Boom Grid LightningType.png Lightning Instant 1.5s Deals lightning damage to targets within a 20-foot wedge range.

Required weapon: Guitar Affected by M-ATK.


Common Skills

Icon Character Lv. Skill Name Type of Skill Cast Time Cooldown Description Duration
earthshock.png 1 Earth Shock NatureType.png Nature 1.5s None Deals Nature damage to an enemy and has a 50% chance to lower the enemy's ACC. Lasts 12 seconds. No effect on boss monsters.

Affected by M-ATK.

curej.png 3 Cure Healing 2s None Heals a target.

Affected by G-Healing.

tornadoy.png 5 Tornado NatureType.png Nature Instant 5s Deals Nature damage to all enemies within 15 feet.

Affected by M-ATK.

prevention.png 7 Prevention Buff Instant None Removes one random debuff from a target and reduces the target's received damage. Lasts 8 seconds. 8s
revivek.png 9 Revive Buff 5s None Brings a dead player character back to life. Also reduces death EXP penalties -50%. Cannot be cast in combat. None

Racial Skills

Icon Race Character Lv. Skill Name Type of Skill Cast Time Cooldown Description Duration
Snub.jpg Human 45 Snub Party Buff 1.5s 30s Reduces target ally's Malice every time that ally attacks or uses a skill. 15m
StrategicRetreat.jpg Human 60 Strategic Retreat Self Buff Instant 30s Immediately leaves battle and heals the caster each second. 6s
HealthCharm.jpg Zumi 45 Health Charm Self Buff 2s 30s Recovers the caster's own HP upon each attack made. 3m
RepairLinkage.jpg Zumi 60 Repair Linkage Party Buff 2s 30s Heals target ally and all party members within 10 feet of target ally per second for 10 seconds. 10s
TribalCounterattack.jpg Anuran 45 Tribal Counterattack Self Buff 2s 30s For 5 seconds after the caster successfully Blocks or Parries an attack, reflect some of the enemy's damage back to the enemy. 3m
WindoftheAncestors.jpg Anuran 60 Wind of the Ancestors Party Buff Instant 30s Heal all party members within 15 feet of the caster every 0.5 seconds. 12s
BlessedInvocation.jpg Ursun 45 Blessed Invocation HolyType.png Holy Instant 12s Increases caster's M-ATK, deals Holy DMG to all enemies within 15 feet and knocks them back. None
Harden.jpg Ursun 60 Harden Self Buff Instant 30s Increases caster's DEF and decreases caster's M-DMG. 15s
SpiritualInspiration.jpg Halfkin 45 Spiritual Inspiration Self Buff Instant 120s Increases caster's M-ATK and immediately resets all active cooldowns. 12s
SacredShield.jpg Halfkin 60 Sacred Shield Self Buff Instant 30s Heal the caster each second and decrease all DMG from enemy attacks. 12s


Knowledge Tree


Class Expertise

Icon Knowledge Name Requirements Max Level Description
kp1r.jpg Music Theory None 20 Cast SPD +1% per level.
kp2j.jpg Soothing Chords LV Music Theory 10 1 When using Music of Life, HP Regen +10% per second & duration +2 seconds.
kp3x.jpg Folklore None 20 M-Crit DMG +2% per level.
kp4z.jpg Moving Performance Total Knowledge Points 20
LV Folklore 10
10 Spirited Melody's duration +1 second per level.
kp5h.jpg Solemn Music Total Knowledge Points 35 1 When using Holy Concerto, G-Healing & P-Healing bonuses +20%, duration +2 seconds.
kp6s.jpg Musical Knowledge None 20 M-Crit Rate +1% per level.
kp7.jpg High Pitch LV Musical Knowledge 10 5 DMG from Vocal Bomb +2% per level.
kp8.jpg Composing None 20 ACC +2% per level.
kp9.jpg Conductor None 5 All Magic +2% per level.
kp10.jpg Marching Song Total Knowledge Points 25
LV Conductor 5
5 War Rhyme's duration +2 seconds per level.
kp11.jpg Folk Music Total Knowledge Points 30 5 Max MP +2% per level.
kp12.jpg Blues Total Knowledge Points 35
LV Folk Music 5
1 When using Demonic Symphony, M-ATK DMG bonus +20%, duration +2 seconds.
kp13.jpg Lyrics & Poetry None 20 G-Healing +1% per level.
kp14.jpg Guitar Tuning None 20 When equipped with a guitar, ATK & M-ATK +1% per level.
kp15.jpg Heavy Metal Total Knowledge Points 15
LV Guitar Tuning 10
1 When using Burning Metal, Fire DMG per second and DEF penalty +10%.
kp16.jpg Moody Style Total Knowledge Points 25 10 Song of Illusion's duration +1 second per level.
kp17.jpg Pop Style Total Knowledge Points 30 10 Musical Encouragement's duration +1 second per level.


Icon Certificate Name Class Level Description
rocksoul.png Rock Soul I 10 M-CRIT Rate +5%
Rock Soul II 40 M-CRIT Rate +10%
tuner.png Tuner I 20 Decreases MP Cost -2%.
Tuner II 50 Decreases MP Cost -5%.
popstar.png Pop Star I 30 EVA +4%
Pop Star II 60 EVA +8%

Certificate Combinations

Certificate combinations for equipping any Certificate unlocked by Cleric, Bard, Shaman, and Sage.

Number of Certificates Combination Name Description
2 Wisdom Increase WIS +2%
3 Revival Leaf Cure healing effect and Earth Shock damage increase by +10%
4 Healing Master Healing and received healing effects +20%, Max Mp +5%

Class Specific Certificate Combinations

Certificate combinations for equipping specific Certificates while using the Bard.

Combination Effects
Holy_Inspiration.png+ Rock_Soul.png
Holy Inspiration / Rock Soul
Vocal Bomb +12% DMG and +6% M-Crit rate chance
Pop_Star.png+ Spirit_Totem.png
Pop Star / Ancient Spirit Spell
Music of Life +6sec Duration

Equipment Types

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