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Backpacks are the equivalent of inventory space in Eden Eternal. Each backpack consists of several slots that hold accessories until all the slots are filled up, in which case the wearer has to get rid of some items(either drop them, store them in a warehouse or sell them) to free up some slots to collect items again. Players must also empty their backpack when they decide to exchange it for another backpack, or remove it entirely. Each player in Eden Eternal starts with a backpack and more slot spaces can be collected later in the game.

Backpacks may also be purchased or found in the game, and a player can have up to four backpacks for storage purposes. The rarer the backpack is, the more slots it will contain.

Some slots are greyed out in the beginning, meaning that they cannot be used until more backpack spaces are collected later to 'ungrey' or free up the slots.

On the bottom of the backpack, there is a space that tells the user how much currency they have. Also at the bottom of the backpack is a backpack manager, which lets users manage their backpacks efficiently.


  • 5-slot Backpack, obtained via the Item Mall for 249AP
  • 7-slot Backpack, made from a 7-slot Backpack formula
  • Mystical 7- Slot Backpack, obtained via the Item Mall for 149AP (Cannot be traded and can only be bought once a week.)
  • 10-slot Backpack, made from 3x 5-slot Backpack + 10-slot Backpack Formula
  • 15-slot Backpack, made from 10-slot Backpack + 2x 5-slot Backpack + 15-slot Backpack Formula
  • 20-slot Backpack, made from 15-slot Backpack + 2x 5-slot Backpack + 20-slot Backpack Formula

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