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An extremely convenient feature of the backpack system is the Backpack Manager.


Access your manager at any time by clicking the blue hand icon at the bottom of your backpack window.

From here you can customize your manager to make your adventuring easier.

This backpack manager can be accessed by pressing on the large blue button with a hand on, near the bottom right of you backpack.


Sorting Backpack

Bag space is precious, and sometimes you only want to keep really valuable items.

With the backpack manager open, you are presented with two options:

  • Auto Discard
  • Auto Sell


  • Checking this option automatically trashes white items (which are useless and sell for very little) and green items (which are low level magical items that sell for very little) to save space.
  • Selecting this feature gives you the option to automatically sell all white and green items whenever you visit a merchant. Simply press the Auto Sell button at the bottom of their window.

Upgrading Backpacks

For more on upgrading Backpacks see, Backpacks

Players all start the game with a single backpack, as well as the space for up to four backpack expansions.

Backpack expansions can be removed or replaced, but they must be empty first. Hover your mouse pointer over the bags to view their number of available slots.

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