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The Baleful 6, [B6]

As Stated by Roguefeebo:

"In the early days of the Alliance of Light and the Union of Fury, an outside force began to invade Teos. This force favored no side and began to move across the lands destroying all members of the fury and light in its path. Even the greatest warriors and magicians failed to stop the onslaught and Teos was coming closer to its final days. Desperate times brought desperate measures.
The two sides began a period of truce to defeat the great threat. During this time, they developed a limited magic that would give unlimited god like powers to those who received it. The challenge was finding the right ones to receive this power. They needed to understand the responsibilities that came with the powers. They had to agree to put aside their differences. They had to swear an oath to their destiny. Their destiny is to vanquish this great threat and live forever guarding Teos from its return. The Light and the Fury presented their best of the best.
These were the ones they raised to bear such responsibility and were finally ready to take on the roles of saviors and guardians. And so, the powers were granted. The New Army set out to rid Teos of the doom it was facing.
After the great battle was over, the invading force had been removed from Teos. Magic had been used to keep it in another plane and Teos began to slip back into its current state of never ending war and conflict. But … Some are not meant for such great responsibility and destiny.
A small band of the great army started to question all the restrictions placed on the great powers they possessed. A split tore through the ranks of the great army: those who would remain faithful to their destiny and those who wouldn’t. This was the start of the 2 factions now known as the Game Masters and the Baleful6.
The game masters were forced by the actions of the Baleful6 to show themselves in Teos. For years the power of the Game Masters was enough to keep all on Teos from the Baleful6. But recent activity shows that the Baleful6 have found a way around the magic that bound them. And they are ready to abuse all who stand in their way.
The recent actions of the Baleful6 show they are out to remove the most dedicated followers of the Game Masters, the Game Sages. They believe that with the Game Sages out of the way, Game Masters will become easier to defeat. Once they remove the Game Masters, all of Teos will burn and all who are alive will become slaves to the Baleful6."

Essentially, if you hear that the B6 are coming, hide behind some 60UM Characters or run for your life, they are a force not to be messed with.

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