Awakening V

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Name: Awakening V

Level: 2

Location: Limestone Mtn.

Type: Story

Activation: Receive from Laz. Requires completion of Awakening IV.

Next Quest: Crystal Clue I

Legend: Limestone Mtn. Sec 1: Awakening


You told Airy that you needed a sample of the Blue Crystal.
"I found a shard of a Blue Crystal like the one you were born in. It almost looked like it was glowing. But a monster charged me and stole it. It seemed to absorb into his palm, and he roared louder than I'd ever heard before."
"He looked like he was made of rock. I bet a hammer like this would really damage him. You could probably get the shard if you break off his right hand."
"Please go to the deepest reaches of the mineshaft to find that monster. Crack open his right hand, and take the crystal shard from it."



"Be careful! Have you seen the monster? I think it's looking for more pieces of Blue Crystal!"
"You must be very careful! Although taking back the Crystal is important, your safety is the priority."



"You defeated it?" Airy gave a surprised blink. "I saw you break its arm. Did you get the crystal shard?"
"I wish I could help you on your quest. I long for the thrilling life of an adventurer, but I've always been shamefully cowardly."
Airy took the shard from your hand.
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