Avenge the Wounded

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Name: Avenge the Wounded

Level: 11

Location: Your mom

Type: Side

Activation: Receive from Naut.


"Some bandits recently attacked a caravan. When our deliverymen tried to escape, they ran into Iron Hide Boars and were trampled."
"Help us get vengeance."
"Go to the Looted Caravan west of Tranquil Hill and slay the boars' leader, the Steel Tooth Boar. Bring back his Steel Tusk!"
"This Uncooked Mutton will lure him out."
Note: Right-click the Uncooked Mutton icon to auto-route to the Steel Tooth Boar's location and summon the beast.



"I'll teach those Boars a lesson."
"I'll kill them and roast their succulent flesh for dinner!"
"Be careful of their leader though: the Steel Tooth Boar. Use this uncooked mutton to lure him out."


  • 128 silver
  • 2706 EXP
  • 200 Seabell fame


"Thank you. I'll take this tusk to my friends."
"A weight has been lifted from my heart now that we've been avenged."
"Thanks for teaching them a lesson. And don't worry, Steel Tooth Boar's tusks will grow back."
"I just remembered how delectable Seasoned Boar Meat can be..."
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