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These are quests that automatically pop up when you reach a certain level or when you enter a certain map.

Level Quest Name Quest Giver Goal Location Reward
1 The Call of Babama Auto, when you first start Talk to Babama Siwa Island, x=149, y=283 Simple Work Table (sprite equipment), 55 C
2 Getting To Know Your Sprite Auto, when you reach lvl 2 Speak to Sprite Efe Siwa Island, x=172, y= 273 Simple Wardrobe, 50 C
4 Day of Destiny Auto at level 4 Talk to Babama Siwa Island, x=149, y=283 S 1 30 C
10 Prologue: Journey Auto when reach lvl 6 Reach Lvl 10 (then right click the book, Grand Fantasia) Your inventory Choose from: Chain of Bravery (M-Def 84, +80 HP) or Magic Power Ring (M-Def 84, +40 EN); 29 S 25 C
10 Praerie Breeze Auto when you enter Kaslow Plains (left click the icon to open the quest) Go to Grassland Alter Kaslow Plains, x=243, y=516 23 S 40 C
10 Forest Breath Auto when enter Moonlight Forest for the first time (left click the icon) Go to Forest Alter Moonlight Forest, x=391, y=555 23 S 40 C
10 The Dust Over Sky Auto when you first enter Steam Mine Mountain (left click on icon) Go to the Alter of Sands Steam Mine Mountain, x=379, y=426 23 S 40 C
14 Class Master Auto when you reach Lvl 14 Speak to Class Master in any major city (Kaslow, Ilya or Jale) Kaslow City x=179, y=336; Ilya x=347, y=219 Jale x=165, y=156 14 S
16 Chapter 1: Prosperous City Auto Reach lvl 16 and open book, Grand Fantasia Inventory Choose from: Invincible Resonance Stone (weapon +0.5% chance of critical hit), Explosion Resonance Stone (weapon +2% critical hit damage), Magic Explosion Resonance Stone (weapon +0.5% chance of magic critical hit), or Growth Resonance Stone (weapon +2% magic critical hit damage). 52 S 50 C
20 Chapter 2: Spreading Evil Auto Reach lvl 20 and open book, Grand Fantasia Inventory Choose from 10 Yellow Sunbird Bagpipe, 10 Brown Wolf Totem, or 10 Dark Blue Mech Beacon. (Summons a temporary mount). 69 S
25 Chapter 3: Darkness Fleeing Auto Reach lvl 25 and open book, Grand Fantasia Inventory Choose from Chain of the Blood Teeth or Bluegreen Quenching Chain Ring. 87 S 25 C

More to come.

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