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New addition to AGE Shaiya Oct 21, 2009 (still a work in progress ; best viewed at resolutions larger than 1024 x 768)

No longer do you have to maintain an internet connection to sell goods in Shaiya in a Individual Market. The introduction of the Auction House brings some ease and simplification to the act of selling / buying goods from other players.


Search Items

i3ga3l.jpg Here we see the initial Auction Screen
This screen is accessed through the Notice Boards located in the Vault (formerly known as the Black Market or Bootleggery)
Simply 'Talk' to the board as you would any other NPC
Click on the Item Category and an expanded drop down list will be displayed showing items that fall into that particular category
Once you've selected an item category, and then sub-category, you can click Search and all auction items that match the selected parameters will be displayed
If you wish to collapse the drop down listing, simply click the Item Category again

Filter Bar

The selection bar across the top contains various settings to help filter your item search 14ik104.jpg

  • The first filter allows you to select a faction for your search
    • Check just Light if you wish to see only Alliance items
    • Check just Fury if you wish to see only Union items
    • Check both if you wish to see all items, regardless of faction
  • The second and third filter work together to establish a Level range for searches
    • Click the first drop down arrow and select a lowest level
    • Click the second drop down arrow and select a highest level
    • All items displayed will fall into that level range
    • 0 is default for both which will show items of all levels
  • The fourth filter is Quality or item rarity
    • Each item in Shaiya has an associated rarity, this is displayed by the color of the items name
    • Default for this filter is All Grade (examples of each listed)
      • Lowest Grade - normal gear drops
      • Low Grade - Noble >> Heroic gear, Lv2 Lapis
      • General Grade - Dread, Lv3/4 Lapis
      • Upper Grade - Drop Limits , Lv55 Gear, Legends, Lv5/Dual Lapis
      • Top Grade - Goddess Gear, CT weapons, CD/FD weapons, Lv6 Lapis/Debuff Lapis
      • Special Grade - Elemental Lapis, Lv59 Weapons
      • Commercialize Grade - AP items, event drop items (i.e. Halloween masks)
  • The fifth filter is the Search Box
    • Enter the name of the item you are looking for, and once entered click Search
    • Spelling as well as Capitalization counts here
    • Legend is NOT the same as legend
    • Partial names or spellings will work as well, but could return unwanted results
      • EX1 : Entering Rune in the Search field will return all items that have Rune in their name as displayed in the Example Search image below
      • EX2 : Entering rec will not return Recreation Runes, but instead Firecrackers, since rec is contained within Firecrackers

Bottom Bar


  • The first items is a display of your characters current gold amount
  • The second item is the Bid button, once you have located an item you wish to bid on click to select it, then click Bid which will open a bidding dialogue
  • The third item is the Buy Now button, once you locate an item, you can simply buy the item outright using this function
  • The fourth item is the Add to Interest button, using this will add the selected listing to the Interest List
  • The fifth is the Search Item button
    • Using the Example Search image below, the initial search was Rune
    • Now that a listing has come up, you can select a particular listing then click Search Item
      • EX : perhaps you are looking for 3hr Cont Res Runes
    • The result will contain only matching listings as the one selected for the search
      • EX : click one of the 3hr Cont Res Rune listings, then click Search Item
      • All 3hr Cont Res Runes will now be displayed
  • NOTICE When searching for weapons / armor using the Search Item button, the results returned match the initially selected item exactly based on that items base stats. Thus if you are searching for a Dread Night Lord and select one from a listing of all Night Lord, those listed after using Search Item will have the exact same base stats (i.e. +12 STR / +12 DEX )

Example Search



Once you have found an item in the listing you wish to bid on, click it to select it, then click Bid (or you can double-click the listing and use the Details dialogue). A Bidding dialogue box will pop up showing the current details of the auction : Current Bid, Buy Now price, and the next minimum acceptable bid (the Lowest Bid amount).

Examples of Bid dialogues


Notice that the next minimum acceptable bid is 5% higher than the current bid.
You can also use the Input button to enter a higher bid than the minimum displayed.

If you wish to use the minimum displayed bid, simply click Bid, otherwise use Input to enter your bid. The amount of gold you have bid will be taken from your character and held at the Auction House.

Warning : Once you place a bid, there is no way for you to cancel it, so be sure that you are willing to spend that amount of gold on the item

If sometime later another character outbids you (or the seller cancels the auction) you can recover your gold from the Ended Auctions page in the MONEY section.

Auction Progress page

jkw29h.jpg This page allows you to track all the auctions you are involved in
The SELL side displays information regarding any auctions you have set up
By selecting one of your auctions on the SELL side you can cancel it by clicking Cancel Auction
If you cancel an auction, a dialogue will come up informing you that you will forfeit the associated Auction fee if you do
The BUY side displays information regarding any auctions you have placed Bids on
By selecting an auction on the BUY side you can do one of two things
Each line displays information for an individual auction
  • Item(s) up for bid
  • Auction Time remaining
  • Current bid on the item
  • Buy Now price.

Setting Up Auctions

To set up an auction go to the Auction Progress page then click the Setup Auction button in the lower left corner. This will bring up a mini-dialogue box as well as your Inventory screen.

106aow7.jpg This is the Auction Setup dialogue
To start, simply drag an item you wish to auction from your inventory to the small box in the upper left corner
If the item is stackable you can select the quantity to auction at this time, then click OK
Click INPUT by Starting Price and enter the amount you wish to start the bidding at then click OK
As with normal markets the price you enter will be assigned per item if stackable
Click INPUT by Buy Now Price to establish an instant buy out price
Buy Now and Starting Price do NOT have to be the same
Once the initial bidding price and buy now prices have been established, select the duration for the auction
Click the drop down to select the duration you want ( default is 3 Day ) ; 7 Hour, 24 Hour, 3 Day, 7 Day

Auction Fees

After selecting the duration an auction fee will be displayed. The fee is determined by the item's starting price and auction duration.

Duration Fee per x Gold
7 Hour35g500,000g
24 Hour120g500,000g
3 Day360g500,000g
7 Day840g500,000g
There is also an Auction House commission taken on all final sales in the amount of 2% of the final sale price whether the final sale price comes from the auction running it's duration and the highest bidder wins or someone used the Buy Now option
The auction fee is also refunded to you once the auction is over, so you'll end up claiming odd amounts of money after it's over (i.e. item sold for 5,000,000 but you'll get 4,900,350, etc)

If everything is satisfactory, click Start Auction and if all has gone well you will see this.


Click OK and the item(s) will be placed up for auction and the listing will be added to the SELL side of the Auction Progress page

NOTE : Any items placed up for auction are no longer in your inventory, but are stored instead within the Auction House itself. There is a limited amount of time to retrieve your bought items or accumulated gold, which is displayed on the Ended Auctions page under the Recovery Time Left column. Should you leave item(s) / gold beyond the retrieval date/time they can be deleted. Consider yourself warned.

Ended Auctions page

2zi8tx5.jpg This page displays all the results of all the auctions that you participated in
The ITEM side displays items bought by you through auction or simply purchased outright
Clicking Get Item will place that particular item into your inventory
Clicking Get All will place all the items into your inventory
The MONEY side displays all of your auction results
Clicking Collect Gold will allow you to claim the gold from that auction
Clicking Collect All will claim the gold from all the listed Auctions
Note that there is a timer under Recovery Time Left, if you fail to claim any item / gold before the timer runs out, it may be deleted

Interest List

bi71j4.jpg This page displays up to 10 auctions you want to keep track of
(need to confirm 10 is max)
To add a listing, select it then click the Add to Interest button, the listing will be added here if there are slots open
Similar information is displayed here as on the other pages ; item, time left, bid, and buyout.
The four options at the bottom allow you to control the information on this page
  • Refresh will update all listings
  • View Details is shown below
  • Delete removes the selected listing
  • Delete All removes all the listings

View Details (from Interest List)

11sz97c.jpg Once you select an item from those on the Interest List, you can click View Details
This window displays the item details, as well as more auction information
  • Date and Time the auction closes
  • Current Bid on the item
  • Buy Now price
From here you can also
  • Bid on the item if you haven't already
  • Buy Now to take the item at the listed Buy Now price
  • Delete the listing from the Interest List
  • Close the window

View Details (from Any Page)

2wex4x5.jpg There is also a second View Details mini-page that is accessed by double-clicking a listing on any page of the Auction House interface
While the functions of this mini-page can duplicate the functions of the one previously described, the actual functions present depend on which Auction Page you are currently viewing
In this image the first listing of the Ended Auctions page under the Money column was double-clicked
The results of a failed Bid is displayed here showing
  • The item the Bid was on
  • The amount of gold
  • Time left to collect the gold

Issues / Warnings

  • The Category listing on the Search Items page is not visible (fixed with 10/29/09 emergency maintenance patch)
  • Auction timers may seem to be bugged slightly Aeria Forum
    • Note about the timers, even though you select (as example) 7Days, the initial timer will only show 6D
    • This is because the timer begins counting upon setup, so 7D immediately becomes 6D 23H 59M 59S
  • All auctions are tied to the character who set them up, no other character (even if on the same account) can interact with them
  • Deleting a character after setting up auctions with that character means you can no longer access / manipulate those auctions nor retrieve the associated items / gold Aeria Forum
  • When searching for weapons / armor using the Search Item button, the results returned match the initially selected item exactly based on that items base stats. Thus if you are searching for a Dread Night Lord and select one from a listing of all Night Lord, those listed after using Search Item will have the exact same base stats (i.e. +12 STR / +12 DEX )
    • Need confirmation on whether pre-lapised gear returns similar results or still uses the items original base stats
    • Confirmed, weapon / armor searches using Search Item will all have the base stats of the originally selected item regardless of Lapis
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