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Some loot is too cool to sell to an NPC, and players would be willing to pay much more for it than an NPC ever would! Situations like this call for an auction.



The auction house is located in Aven around the Marketplace area.

To view the Auction House players may speak to either Kay or Sasa. Players may find these auctioneer NPC's by looking for a Auction.png icon via map while in Aven.

Players may use the auction house to buy from and sell goods to other players.

Players may not view the seller of items in the Auction House.

Please Note: Transaction of items occurs whether the player is online or offline. Items have a limit of 24 hours.

Auction House

The Auction House main menu gives players a few options for finding an item to purchase.


  • Category Filters: If players want browse the available items, use the category filters to narrow the search based on the type of equipment available. Subsections help further filter the results.
  • Rarity/Quality Filter: If players only want to consider extremely rare--or extremely cheap--items, sort using the Item Quality filter. Using it along with the category filter will refine the search even more.
  • Level/Class filter: Use this filter if players only want to see items that they can use or that a specific class may use.
  • Keyword Search: Players may use this filter to search for specific items. Keep in mind that any filters players checked will still apply to the search results.

Please Note: Players may not divide items when purchasing them. Be careful when purchasing items of more quantity.

If the owners item did not sell the item will be returned to the owners mailbox. Returned mail will remain in the inbox for 365 days.

Selling and Buying

To sell items in the Auction House players may select the Auction tab at the left of the auction window.

Doing so will bring up the Auction window.


  • Players may the drag and drop the desired item to sell into the Sale slot.
  • Players may then select the price they wish to price the item.

Please Note: The auction house charges a 5% transaction fee based on the amount of gold players wish to price the Item. Players may open a player shop for their pricier items.

  • Players may only Auction (20) items at a time.

When another player purchases items from the owner, the money will be sent to the owners mailbox.

When the player has found an item they wish to purchase, click buy.

  • The item will be sent to the players mailbox.

Auction House keywords

If players wish to find equipment with specific stats, they may use the following specific keywords to narrow their search.

Please Note:Dark will be on anything with Dark resistance, regardless of other stats, Holy will be on things with Holy but not Dark Resist, and so on until Accuracy, which will only be on white items that only have accuracy.

[Accessories/Capes Only]

Dark Resistance: Dark

Holy Resistance: Holy

Nature Resistance: Natural

Lightning Resistance: Thunder

Ice Resistance: Icy

Fire Resistance: Blaze

[Accessories Only]

Pierce Resistance: Careful

Strike Resistance: Fortified

Slash Resistance: Secured

[2H Weapons Only]

Parry: Martial

[Shields Only]

Block: Blessed

[All equipment]

M-Crit Dmg: Enhanced

Crit Dmg: Gory

Cast Speed: Agile

Attack Speed: Rapid

P-Healing: Devout

G-Healing: Sacred

M-Crit Rate: Arcane

Crit Rate: Striker

Evasion: Deft

Accuracy: Accurate

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