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Auction House


The Auction House in Aura Kingdom is an invaluable resource for people who need to get some extra gold but don't have the time to spam trade chat selling their wares.

The Auctioneers can be found in Navea city at (x668 , y405) for Sally and (x629 , y365) for Matthew. On your Map they show up as little Gold $ symbols. Speak to one of these NPCs to get started peddling your wares... for a price.

AHStallSally_zps6f5a2243.png AHStallMatthew_zpsb3a8f5df.png AHSymbolsonmap_zps2766564d.png

Something to keep in mind is that 10% of the listed price is paid up front It has a cap of gold. You don't get this money back even if your item doesn't sell, so use the Auction House, or AH for short, wisely.

The AH window has two tabs, 'Purchase' and 'Your Auctions' . Displayed below is the default 'Purchase' tab, which is shown upon entering the AH interface.


You can filter the buying menu by item quality, level, price, and keyword. You can reset these filters to default by selecting the 'Reset' button.

Qualities are: Qualitycolours_zps03453820.png

You can also filter the buying menu to show only items within your level range by clicking on the 'Lv. Range' button.


Please note: In order for your keyword to be effective, you must press the 'Search' button manually!

The Title Bars above displayed items: 'Item Name,' 'Level,' and 'Price' sort items by the selected criteria. That is to say, if you click price once after opening a category, the sale items you are browsing will be sorted from highest to lowest price. If you click it again, they will be sorted from lowest to highest price.


To list an item for sale, click on the 'Your Auctions' tab on the upper left hand corner of the AH interface. This will take you to the screen below:


In this screen, drag the item you want to sell to the little box, like shown below and set your desired price:


Again, note: 10% of the listed price is paid up front. You don't get this money back even if your item doesn't sell.

Confirm all the listing settings by selecting the 'List Item' button. Your item will be listed for sale and the displayed fee deducted from your current gold.


When an item listed for sale sells, you will receive mail with the profits. Click on the letter icon on the bottom left hand corner of your minimap (which is on the upper right hand corner of your screen).


Once in the mailbox you will have a letter that looks like this:


Click on the letter to open it. You will see the following:


Select the 'Take' button and the profits will be automatically added to your current total of gold!

And that's it. That's all there is to using the AH. For a small fee and a large convenience, use the Auctioneer for all your buying and selling needs! (queue infomercial music)


*On the top right of your screen, there is an option to hide players. Use this to access the traders with ease (or other crowded mobs)
*When using the search bar, make sure you use proper punctuation!
i.e. If the name of the item is Odum's Ventos Amulet, you can't type odums or ventos to find it.
*When selling, make sure to check market price before actually making a sell. Also, don't always try to snipe sales! What I mean by that is, if you see an item being sold for 10G, don't price it at 9G just for the sell. If there are several piece of that for 10G, then feel free to make it slightly lower.
*You can type any part of an item. If searching for <Stardust Float>, you may search "st Fl"

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