Athena Marie (LM)

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Athena Marie
Title Oracle Magi
Region Limestone Mountain
Coordinates (X:170, Y:125)
Race Human
NPC Service Merchant


"If you cannot change your fate, you must accept it. Fortune telling just helps people accept their fates in advance."
Athena Marie's voice faded and her gaze grew distant, as if she was in deep thought.
Dialogue Option - "About the Meteor Shower"
"Several days ago, there was a grand meteor shower. Just like the ancient legends depicted, stars fell from the sky. Their prismatic colors and mysterious energies were breathtaking. We call them Astrolites."
"The Astrolites shattered on their way to earth, creating magnificent showers of colored sparks. While the broken Astrolites can be made whole again, it can be difficult to find all the proper pieces."
Dialogue Option - "What is Astrolite?"
"If you find all the Astrolite pieces, purchase an Astrolite Compass from me. It combines the shards to form an intact Astrolite."
"Every kind of Astrolite can bring out your potential. But once they regard you as their master, you can never discard them."
"In your travels, you will discover clues regarding the Astrolites' locations."
(Finish all the mainline quests of the Lv8+ areas to receive Astrolite pieces. Fuze the pieces into an intact Astrolite, and you'll be granted an extra bonus.)
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