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Group: Novice > Hunter > Archer > Ranger / Assassin > Sharpshooter / Darkstalker


Assassins are a powerful melee class, able to deal a large amount of damage to an opponent in a short period of time. Part of the Hunter class branch, an Archer can advance to Assassin at level 30.


Becoming an Assassin

To advance, see Stan (Jale 120, 150)


  • Damage - Assassins can deal large amount of damage in short time.
  • Evasion - They have more evasion than any other class.
  • Critical attack rate - They have higher critical attack rate compared to a lot of other class.
  • Stealth - Assassins can become invisible, both outside and during battle.
  • Dual Wield - They can equip two one handed weapons.
  • Ranged Weapons - They can also use bows and guns.


  • Lack of Heals - Beside HP Potions and Life drain effect on weapons, Assassins have no other methods of healing.
  • Low HP - Assassins have a low amount of Max Health Points.
  • Defense - Assassins have very low defence, so they are very vulnerable when attacked.
  • Weapons - Assassins require great weapons for PvP.





Mastery System

Crafting - Weapons and Armor

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