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Where and how do I obtain them?

  • Keep your eyes pealed for treasure chests and vases, right-clicking on these allows you to break them. Occasionally these objects give you Asbee Crystals.
  • Note that not all treasure chests and vases drop Asbee Crystals, as some may be used in quests.

Asbee Crystals

These Asbee crystals ee_asbee_crystals.jpg can be turned in to the Friendly Wave Research Center NPCs for various rewards. The rewards can be anything from potions, equipment, temporary pets and more!


The amount turned in at the FWR's researchers changes every few levels:

11-20: 3 crystals

21-30: 6 crystals

31-40: 18 crystals

41-50: 24 crystals

51+: 30 crystals.

The prizes one can get also get improve as the levels go up, and include: gear power up scrolls, summoning flutes, rare gear and potions.

Tranquill Hill (FWR 1)

  • HP Potion I
  • MP Potion I
  • HP Potion II
  • MP Potion II
  • Guard Scroll Lv20
  • Weapon Scroll Lv20
  • Beast Summon Flute I
  • Hypnotic Pistol-Yak
  • Irritable Bison Hoof

Goss Mountains (FWR 2)

  • Strength Potion I
  • Agility Potion I
  • Intelligence Potion I
  • Wisdom Potion I
  • Luck Potion I
  • Guard Scroll Lv30
  • Weapon Scroll Lv30
  • Beast Summon Flute II
  • Hypnotic Pistol-Rockman
  • Irrational Mushroid Tears

Wetlands (FWR 3)

  • HP Potion III
  • MP Potion III
  • Energy Explosion Potion Lv1
  • Mana Explosion Potion Lv1
  • Complete Support Potion Lv1
  • Guard Scroll Lv40
  • Weapon Scroll Lv40
  • Beast Summon Flute III
  • Hypnotic Pistol-Imp
  • Putrid Forest Pixie Flower

Golden Plains (FWR 4)

  • Strength Potion II
  • Agility Potion II
  • Intelligence Potion II
  • Wisdom Potion II
  • Luck Potion II
  • Guard Scroll Lv50
  • Weapon Scroll Lv50
  • Beast Summon Flute IV
  • Hypnotic Pistol-Leaf Sprite
  • Tiny Drake Fang

Blackflame Peaks (FWR 5)

  • Strength Potion III
  • Agility Potion III
  • Wisdom Potion III
  • Intelligence Potion III
  • Luck Potion III
  • Guard Scroll Lv60
  • Attack Scroll Lv60
  • Beast Summon Flute V
  • Hypnotic Pistol-Zumi
  • Hot Blooded Tiger Eye

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