Asbee Crystal Trophies

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Picture Name Level Ability Location
4fmmX.jpg Irritable Bison Hoof 11 Transforms your pet into an Irritable Bison if equiped. Tranquil Hill
FWR Center CHANCE item
3 Asbee Crystals
4fmpR.jpg Irrational Mushroid Tears 21 Transforms your pet into an Irrational Mushroid if equiped. Goss Mountains
FWR Center CHANCE item
6 Asbee Crystals
4fmEa.jpg Putrid Forest Pixie Flower 31 Transforms your pet into a Putrid Forest Pixie if equiped. Wetlands
FWR Center CHANCE item
18 Asbee Crystals
4fmIX.jpg Tiny Drake Fang 41 Transforms your pet into a Tiny Drake if equiped. Golden Plains
FWR Center CHANCE item
24 Asbee Crystals
4fmLf.jpg Hot Blooded Tiger Eye 51 Transforms your pet into an Hot-Blooded Tiger if equiped. Blackflame Peaks
FWR Center CHANCE item
30 Asbee Crystals
Legendary_Dragon_Badge.jpg Legendary Dragon Badge 60 Transforms your pet into a Legendary Dragon if equiped. Blueprint

Obtaining Legendary Dragon Badge

Irritable Bison Hoof + Irrational Mushroid Tears + Putrid Forest Pixie Flower, Combined with "Ancient Recipe" to produce:
Emotion Crystal.

Tiny Drake Fang + Hot Blooded Tiger Eye + Emotion Crystal, Combined with "Recipe of Ancient Civilization" to produce:
Legendary Dragon Badge

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