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Armor is what a player will equip to their character in order to protect them from attacks. Each armor has different protection and resistance stats. Armor also has a set "endurance" - basically the number of times it can be hit before it becomes ineffective. When armor endurance gets to zero you lose any protection and resistance provided by that piece of armor.

Players can repair armor at a blacksmith which will restore endurance to its maximum value.

  • Fighter, Defender, Warrior, and Guardian Armor - Excels in Physical Protection but is weak in Magical Resistance.
  • Mage, Priest, Oracle, and Pagan Armor - Excels in Magical Resistance but is weak in Physical Protection
  • Ranger, Archer, Assassin, and Hunter Gear - Has an equal Physical Protection and Magical Resistance

Most armor sets are shared between two classes (i.e. Fighter/Defender, Oracle/Pagan, etc), though occasionally you will come across an item that is meant for a single class to use. In such a case, the item's description should state this.

Even though armor sets can be shared by similar classes within a faction, they can not usually be shared between factions. To date there are no known armor items that can be shared between the Alliance of Light and Union of Fury.

Alliance of Light Armor -

Union of Fury Armor -

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