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Group: Novice > Spellcaster > Mage > Wizard / Necromancer > Archmage / Demonologist


Once a Wizard reaches Lv65, they're able to upgrade their class to Archmage. This transformation unlocks an improved and upgraded skill-set, as well as introducing a few new skills.



  • Truly Deadly Nuker: Archmages have various powerful skills, which makes them have more violent magic attacks. But, this can become a disadvantage in some dungeons, like Phoenix Tower, when these attacks produce more aggro than tanks.
  • Buffs and Debuffs: As you advance to Archmage, your Buffs and Debuffs become more versatile and fearful.
  • Able to One-Hit-Kill Opponents: An Archmage's M-Crit can reach a certain point in which one will be able to 1-hit kill its target. (Buffs & Debuffs make it easier to do so.)
  • DPS (Damage Per Second): Archmages have the highest M-Attack of the game. This allows them to kill certain mobs faster than any other class.
  • Survivabilty: Even though Archmages are the weakest class when it comes to defense, they have certain skills which allow them to survive when facing tough opponents/difficult situations.


  • Fragile: Very vulnerable to physical attacks.
  • High MP Cost: Its skills use High MP.
  • Not capable against debuff-using Bosses: Some bosses can use Silence and Seal. (Skills that make the player unable to use magic skills, or skills in general.) These render Archmages useless for the duration of the debuff. (With the exception of Exhaustion.)



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