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This special feature differs from your warehouse and inventory. Its purpose is to act as a sort of trophy rack for your most impressive loot.
Please Note: Not every Item may be Archived. Players may check the Archive to know what Item can be archived.


  • Trophy
  • Orange Equipment
  • Orange Accessories
  • Yellow/Gold Weapons
  • Yellow/Gold Capes
  • Costumes
  • Mounts
  • Pets
  • Legacy Armor
  • Legacy Weapons

How to Archive

To store in the archive, click the "Archive" button in your backpack.

Place the item you wish to archive in the bottom left of the archive window and press "Archive."


  • The Archive is for your whole account, providing they are on the same server, so you can withdraw your items to other characters if you wish.
  • Items that are not bound when put in will remain unbound when you take them out. Items that are bound when you put them in may still be used by any characters on the same account on the same server, but can not be traded.
  • Any enchants on the items will still be on the items when you put them into archive, however you will not be able to see any enchants on any items that are in archive.
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