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Group: Novice > Hunter > Archer > Ranger / Assassin > Sharpshooter / Darkstalker > Hawkeye / WindShadow


Hunters can become Archers when they reach Level 15. They can wield dual one-handed swords, bows, and guns. Most of their damage comes from ranges attacks, but if an enemy gets too close they can use melee attacks to dispatch the mob.


Becoming an Archer

To advance see Stan (Jale 120, 150)

Advantages of Archer

  • Damage - Archers deal more damage from ranged attacks.
  • Dual Wield - Archers can dual wield two one-handed weapons.
  • Ranged Weapons - Archers can also wield bows and guns.

Disadvantage of Archer

  • MP Drain - The more powerful Archer skills use MP. When training, Archers tend to drain their MP before the cool down for the pot is over.
  • Poor Melee Damage - When the mob gets too close you automatically switch to hitting with swords. There are no melee skills aside from the Novice skills.




  • No Basic Talents Listed
  • No Ancient Talents Listed
  • No Talent Combos Listed

Mastery System

  • No Mastery
  • No Legendary
  • No Mythic

Crafting - Weapons and Armor

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