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Apulune is the great trading city of the Humans and Elves. It is also the location of the Palace, the Elf Embassy and a Temple to the Goddess. From here you can reach almost any location in the world, and every major destination is available.


Anything that can be bought, can be bought in Apulune. If it's not available from one of the NPCs it will be for sale in one of the many player 'shops' scattered throughout the city. It is also the location of the only Guildmaster outside of Keolloseu, he is located in the Stardust Knights section and this is also the location of the Guild House portal and the Guild Warehouse although these have yet to be implemented.


There are a number of ways in and out of Apulune. There are portals, these are to be found at the docks and in the centre of Apulune, taking you to Arktius and Keolloseu respectively. The 1-20 portal to be found in the centre of Apulune is also a gatekeeper 'hub' it is from here that you can access almost any location in the world, for a price. There is one other gatekeeper and she is located in the merchants guild section, you can access Bootleggery and the Stadium through her.

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