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Apprentices are new players who need help with the game Last Chaos and want someone to aid him/her with leveling. If you’re new to the game, don’t be afraid to ask around town for a Guardian. Someone will, more often than not, offer their help to you.


How to Become an Apprentice

Don’t know how to take part in this great opportunity of advice and aid? Here's how you get started.

Go to the status icon located on the top left side of the in-game Last Chaos screen.

Once the pop up window appears, click on the 3rd tab. This is the Action Tab.

Scroll down until you see the “Guardian System” icon. On the icon should be a picture of two guys, one taller one with his hand on the shorter guy’s shoulder.

Click on this. Now you can look at all the names of Guardians and choose from the never-ending list. Pick your guardian and a pop up box will appear. Click confirm. You now have a Guardian!!

Warning: You can only have 1 Guardian per character, even though as a Guardian you can have more than one Apprentice.

What NEVER to Do As an Apprentice

Here’s a few pointers on what to avoid as you seek help from your Guardian:

Never beg for money or any other items. This only annoys your Guardian and makes him less want to help you. If your Guardian offers to buy you a few items or gives you some cash, that’s fine. But wait for this to happen, don’t ask for items or cash yourself. This only makes you appear greedy, and in turn, annoys you’re your Guardian to the point of frustration. If your guardian doesn’t offer to buy you anything or give you cash, don’t press the matter. It’s fine to ask for help, this is an entirely different matter. For example, you may not know where Lorraine is or how to hatch your baby drake from the drake egg. By all means, ask away. This is what your Guardian WANTS you to do. But begging for cash or items is a big no no.

Rewards for Dedicated Apprentices

So far so good? Great! There’s one other thing that I left out… You can get a special event weapon if you get to level 20 in 10 days! *gasp*Shocked The weapon successful Apprentices get is really unique. It can’t be bought from any npcs, nor can be dropped while grinding mobs. It also has a good attack, so you should definitely strive to get to level 20! The faster the better.

If you don’t get to level 20 in time by the 10 day limit (the 10 days count while you are out of the game too. It’s not just in-game), you don’t get this special event weapon reward. Feel free to ask your Guardian for help with leveling or find people to party with around the mobs you’re fighting. This will make you level faster, especially if the people you're partying with is around your level, even though you get less exp than you would get if you fought the mobs by yourself. In a party, there are more people fighting mobs with you so you get exp at a much faster rate than if you were by yourself. Also, company makes things more fun!

Another point is (some people just don't uderstand that) don't say stupid or pointless things to your guardian, and never ever flood with random chatting

When you reach L50 with a guardian you get the following free items: level 50 - 52 armor +10 and 2 - Level 49 weapons +10. The armor will be in a package. So make sure you have enough space in your inventory. And just to make sure, make sure your weight requirement is like 95% at least. Then with this so, you can now click the package in your inventory and your armor will appear. After his, there are no more benefits and your name is taken off your Guardian's list also.

Downsides to Apprentices

There aren’t any!!!

Requirements to Become an Apprentice:

To be an Apprentice, you must be level 10 or lower to apply.

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