Ancient Curse

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Ancient Curse
Kill 5 Chaser Kobolts and 5 Crazy Breath Wild Boars
Level and Modes
Level 6 Mode EM NM HM UM
NPCs / Monsters Involved
Given byLaztVruion Forest
Reward byLaztVruion Forest
MonstersChaser Kobolt
Crazy Breath Wild Boar
Rewards Gained
XP 410 XP Gold 0 Icon_Gold.png
Item(s) Gained None
Next QuestNone
Quest(s) UnlockedNone


Quest: Lazt

Duiminas, our ancestor, made the stupidest mistake in history. They accidentally turned a knife against the Creator, Etain. In the end, Duiminas’ knife drew his own blood as well, and the world was contaminated by the blood the Goddess shed. Today, you can still see the repercussions in the curse that lays heavy on the Wild Boars and Kobolts that I have to kill here each day. I guess I have a good friend, seeing as how you came here.

I’m going to take a rest for a while, so please get rid of the Crazy Breath Wild Boars and the Chaser Kobolts in my stead. Killing 5 of each would be dandy. I think it will give me plenty of time to rest. I’m counting on you, then.

Reward: Lazt

Ah, you worked hard. I can’t say I had a perfect rest, but I’m feeling a lot better now. I hope you have a good friend who’s there for you when you need them.

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