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Game Masters

GM's Job and Availability:

Game Masters are employees of Aeria Games that both help maintain and moderate the game, ensuring that things run smoothly and according to the rules. Game Masters do a lot of work behind the scenes and are the ones, aside from GameSages, that provide customer service to the playerbase.

In any given day a Game Master will run events, help players on the forums, in-game and in the shoutbox. They will also answer Request Tickets (RT's), handle reports from GameSages, pay out promotions, track down gold buyers, and take care of botters.

GM's are not online all the time, and their work hours reflect that of the majority of their playerbase. They work 7 days a week and are typically in the office over a span of 12-14 hours, depending on the game, the GM team, and the shift assigned. Not every GM works the same shift.

If you ever need to speak to a GM directly, the best method is the ticket system, as when a GM is in-game, in the shoutbox, or responding to things on the forums, they are usually already working on something and may not see your questions. A ticket ensures you have a GM's undivided attention.

GM's and other Games:

Game Masters generally don't stay on the same game for their entire career. Everyone who works at Aeria Games has a unique set of skills and sometimes that person's skills are needed more on another game. When that happens, the GM is moved. Often a GM is also moved because they have been promoted and are taking on more responsibility within the company.

Game Sage

GS's Role:

Game Sages are volunteers that have proven themselves knowledgeable of a specific game and have shown a desire to assist Aeria and the GM staff with helping new players, running events, answering questions, reporting problems, etc.

Game Sages can be found in-game, on the forums, or via your game's shoutbox.

Not every GS may be online at once and not every problem needs to be reported to a GS. While the job of a GS is to assist a player, there are some situations where the best thing to do is to submit a ticket. If you need assistance with submitting a ticket, please see How to Use Aeria's RT/Contact Us System.

Becoming a GS:

An application thread will be posted on the forums of the games that are in need of Game Sages (typically near the end of each month). Please read and follow the instructions that will be listed in the thread when you apply. Game Sages are picked based on a range of qualifications including game knowledge, professionalism and helpfulness towards other players, to name a few.

Reporting a GS:

Since a GS is still a normal player, they can be reported just like anyone else. These reports are treated just as seriously as normal reports, and are investigated as such. When you submit a ticket, please include all appropriate evidence to support the report. As Aeria cannot view attachments, the proof must be submitted in the form of a link to where the image or video is hosted. Just as with non-GS players, however, a player will not be informed if action has been taken against the GS, as that is confidential information. However, all reports, whether they are about a non-GS or a GS, are taken seriously.

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