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For more information on becoming a GS, see the GS Requirements Guide.


GM's Job and Availability

Game Masters are employees of Aeria Games Entertainment (AGE) that help maintain and moderate the game, ensuring that things run smoothly and according to the rules. Game Masters do a lot of work behind the scenes.

Game Masters run events, help players, answer Request Trackers (RTs), handle reports from GameSages, pay out promotions, track down gold buyers, test bugs, and more.

The vast majority of AGE customers are online during the daytime hours, so this is when the Game Masters are in the office. Generally the staff is available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

GM's and Other Games

Game Masters generally don't stay on the same game for their entire career. Everyone who works at Aeria Games has a unique set of skills and sometimes that person's skills are needed more on another game. When that happens, the GM is moved. Often a GM is also moved because they have been promoted and are taking on more responsibility within the company.

GM Banquets

Sometimes, a GM from each server will host a banquet in his player home. During this event, players may visit the GM's home in Aven to receive a special boost!

Players will be informed about this event via the forums and via an in-game announcement.


GS's Job and Contact:

GameSages are volunteers that have proven themselves knowledgeable of a specific game and have shown a desire to assist the GM staff with helping new players, running events, answering questions, and reporting problems.

GameSages can often be found in-game, in the Shoutbox, and on the forums.

Please Note: Not every GS may be online at once and not every problem needs to be reported to a GS. While their job is to help, some problems may be solved through Tickets or through the Reporting Thread.

What does a GS Do?

Most of us focus on specific things depending on where our strengths and preferences lie, though each of us still try to remain active in all aspects of the game and community. The average Game Sage may find himself/herself handling situations including, but not limited to:

  • Assisting players in-game, in the forums, and in the Shoutbox with various issues
  • Assisting with and/or hosting events in the game and in the forums
  • Finding, testing, and properly reporting bugs within the game
  • Finding, verifying, and properly reporting illegal botters
  • Reporting situations requiring GM review/action
  • Collaborating with the GS/GM team on creating or editing guides for the game and community
  • Providing constructive feedback to the GM team on specific issues as requested
  • Limitless other side-projects we take on to make the game a better place for you!

Requirements to Become a GS

The requirements to be a Community Volunteer are as follows:

  • Must be over 16
  • Must have time to contribute to the community in their specified role
  • Have record of contribution on forums and in game
  • Have strong people skills and enthusiasm and knowledge
  • Have desire to expand and improve the community
  • Show teamwork and ability to work and foster discussions with others
  • Have or be willing to meet any additional requirements in their specified role
  • May not be on any watched or banned lists.

The requirements to be a GameSage are:

  • Must meet Community Volunteer requirements.
  • Must have 2 months experience with the game. (may be waived)
  • Must have been an Aeria Games Member for 2 months.
  • Must have met the specified level/rank/achievement levels.
  • Must have met the forum post requirements for the game.

Becoming a GS

To apply to be a GS, read and follow the instructions in this thread. GameSages are picked based on a range of qualifications. To find out what a GS does and tips on how to become one, visit this guide.

Reporting a GS:

GS's are normal players and may be reported like anyone else. These reports are all reviewed and investigated, however just like any other report, the player must provide proof (such as screenshots or video) of the behavior. As Aeria cannot view attachments, the proof must be submitted in the form of a link to where the image or video is hosted. Players will not be notified of any actions taken or not taken against the Game Sage as this is private and confidential, but please be assured that Aeria does take all of these reports seriously.

Current GM and GS List

For a current list of GM's and GS's, see the Current Game Master and Game Sage List.

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