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Acolytes are a healing class, able to restore players' HP from the brink of death and even death itself. They usually wield either staffs or hammers (one or 2 handed). If they advance into a Cleric, they will be given the power to wield shields as well.

Acolytes can advance to a Priest at level 15.



  • Heals - Acolytes have the ability to heal themselves and a target, giving much more survivability and reducing the usage of HP potions.
  • Needed for Parties - As a healer, you are always welcomed to parties.


  • Slow Casting Speed - An Acolyte's heal spells have a slow casting speed. Sometimes, you will find yourself in a situation where you will be running instead of healing yourself.
  • Party Dependence - In a party, as an acolyte, your role is to heal others. If you don't do your job well, the whole party will be killed.
  • Low Defense - An Acolyte's defensive capability is vastly low due to them wearing cloth, though healing greatly makes up for this.


Damage (Single) Skill

ShiningJudgement.jpg Shining Judgement
Adds one charge point after applying skill, causing single enemy target XX pts of magic injury/damage; monsters below a certain level may be forced into a blind state, depending on the level of the skill.

Damage (Area) Skill

Blaze.jpg Blaze of Glory
This finishing skill requires charges. After casting, all enemy units within a 10 meter radius of oneself will be stunned and driven away.

Restorative Skill

HealingPrayer.jpg Healing Prayer
Able to instantaneously restore the HP of a friendly target when cast.

prayerofrecovery.jpg Prayer of Resurrection
After casting, players can revive a single friendly target on the spot.

  • Note, the target will still lose EXP and the durability of your equipments unless the resurrection is taking place in a dungeon, where there is no penalty for death.

Cleansing Skill

cleansepoison.jpg Cleanse Poison
Removes the poisoned state of a single friendly target when cast. (This includes poision, pain, ...)

purifybody.jpg Purify Body
Able to lift plague state on a single friendly target when cast.

cursekiller.jpg Curse Killer
Remove any curse state from a friendly target when cast.

  • Note, it will not remove the cursed state where you turn into a Corrupted Messenger.*


hammerspecialist1.jpg Hammer Specialist
Increases hammer damage, and chance to stun a target.

magicdefensespecialist.jpg Magic Ward Specialist
Increases your magic defense.

staffspecialist.jpg Staff Specialist
When staff equipped, increases magic damage. Increases magic critical hit damage.

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