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Basic Information

This page lists all the accessories available in game.
Accessories can not be enhanced.

Magic Grade

These are the most common equipment drops, drop from both field and dungeon foes.

Icon Name Stats Random Stats Level
Explorer Trinket Crit. Rate 40, Max HP 20 Seal: Max SP ?% 12
Prophet Trinket Ch-ACC 5%, Max SP 10 Seal: Max SP ?% 12
Soldier Trinket VOID 30, Max HP 30 Seal: Max SP 5% 12
Scout Trinket Crit. Rate 50, Max HP 40 Seal: Max SP 7.5% 22
Seer Trinket Ch-ACC 8%, Max SP 15 Seal: Max SP 8.5% 22
Veteran Trinket VOID 40, Max HP 60 Seal: Max SP 5.5% 22

Rare Grade

These are rare equipment drops. Drop from both field and dungeon foes.
Rare equipments found in the field have already identified stats.
Rare equipments found in dungeons need to be identified through the use of a rare laser scanner.

Icon Name Stats Random Stats Level
Scout Trinket Gravity 80, Voltage 180, Crit 60, Max.HP 60 Seal: Max SP 8% 22
Seer Trinket Ch-ACC 9%, Gravity 80, Ch-Atk 15, SP 30 Seal: Max SP 9% 22
Veteran Trinket Void 45, Gravity 80, Particle 180, Max.HP 90 Seal: Max SP 6% 22
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