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The following commands are used in normal chat only.

/party "add name" For example, you want to add a player called Random, /party Random

Note* Players must be on the same map or the same dungeon level when using the /party command.

/join "add name" Used for joining raid parties. You can use the name of any member in the party.

Note* Leader must select auto join mode.

/yelling "add message" Allows you to shout out your message.

Note* Players only in immediate area will be able to read full message.

/raid "add message" Sends an alert to every member of your union.

Note* Must be lead or sub-lead of the union.

/town or /return Sends you to the town/respawn point nearest your current location. If in a dungeon you will pop up outside the dungeon entrance.

/time Is unavailable to normal players.

Note *Only GM can use, not GS or Hm & UM !

/defeat Will cause you to surrender during a duel without having to be killed.

/(insert emote) Will cause you to do the instructed emote. For example, you want to do your victory emote /victory

Known emotes:
/apoligize - (Must be spelled incorrectly)

/chatcolor1~8 Changes your chat text color in any chat. For example, /chatcolor2 makes what you say green.

Note *Other players can see this only when they have a chatcolor as well.

/chatcolor0 or /chatcolor9 Changes the chatting colors back to normal.

Also See: Configuring Controls and UI

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