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I already added you on skype xD if that's you that is o3o and yea, donut, spongey, and meru got their positions awhile back (though meru's now a forum mod than an EE gs). And I understand the prices soared..and still fixing =v= but I hear that it's worse in Dia now too because of a stagnation? There's a thread on it atm ouo

LOL sounds like you've been having fun! xD and I've been good myself! I started uni last year and ended up semi-quitting then until earlier this March. I started playing more frequently and even opened up an art shop (though it's closed now cuz I'm swamped). I'm still playing on Sapphire, I came a long way xD even got a GS position, been one for 3 months now C: also, I'm taking you up on your Skype offer if you go on there often ;o we should catch up sometime xD

Zero where have you been? DD: I haven't seen you in so many months now.... ;-; how have you been?

:'3 playing DDTank,, u?

zerooooooo! -tackle hugs- :'D

hey i finished that picture o_o

oo /a/

Lol it got fixed now >w<

That signature is so fun to stare at. xD Nice avatar, too!~

Blurb About Me

So about me...
Zero - Favorite number and mythically rumors about it intrigue me.
Tenshi - Angel in Japanese desho? Well that and Angel Beats!
GG - Good Game bro; I play SC2 so it's grown on me.
hence my name zerotenshigg
That's my Name, now a little about me desho?
Um... According to Jale I'm lonely...
Um... What else. I hate talking, unless you're a close friend.
My classes revolves Hunter Ranger Blade Dancer and Bard.
I love anime and have an account on myanimelist, you can say hi to me there.
You can skype me for the lulz go for it.
Uh... Let's see, I'm guildless cause I am kay?
And I Love 4chan.