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I got a baby too .. 6 weeks old now...i love herrr...it s so great to be a daad...brrr




ahoj :) hows the game nowadays ?

Hiya Rev hun :) I have returned to Shaiya. Hope to see you in game sometime and catch up ^.^ -many hugs- Phes

ty revii, i miss you, but not the game :)

Hi Rev ... kemu here if u remember me... i was searching my friends list and almost all left except u and i think ForeverStrong...i moved to Aion but never found people and friends like i had in Shaiya and a helping friend like u... Thank u very much for the time we played together...Congrats !

Wow! A little late congratulations! :D

Same here! You studying or working? ^^

Woah, you still play! :D
- MoonSand

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