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this is Miku. click on her and she will tell you the time. click on the music note and she will sing.


lol :P

Ooo, yeah I didn't farm all that much but I heard you had a chance at getting stuff. That's cool. I just know you can find things also as well. It's really cute though hehe.

Where did the eye patch on your turga come from? It's so cute! c:

Hi there~

Hope u dun mind XD stole ur pokemon theme for meh avatar :D

This profile contains 200% too much Jigglypuff.

karma love the page and especially the profile pic lol


Blurb About Me

I have tried most of the games here at Aeria over the past 7 years.
and have tried tons of other online games.

there is too many games I want to play and not enough time to play them all.

I like playing games and watching anime. thats what I do mostly in my free time.