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Blurb About Me

well, whats there to say??
i'm a typical teenage girl with a very complicated life,
mom's japanese, dad's egyptian, but none of them are 100%!!
i was mainly raised in britain, but i've been all over the world since i was born!!
i do not have a particular accent, but i seem to be developing an american accent, recently!
i, personally categorise myself more asian than anything else....although, i dont think my dad will be happy if he heard me say that....
i am also, a vegetarian, and am TOTTALLY against animal cruelty!!!!
i dont see the point in war, i seem to make friends pretty easily, especially in schl, im known as the random, weird, retarded, maths nd welsh nerd/geek, i LOVE anime, manga nd anything JAPANESE!! i have loads of hobbies nd i hate my english teacher!!!!!
if there's anything else u wanna know, just ask!!!! ^^