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Blurb About Me


Made By [GS]Amirrora, Thankies~~

(This wasn't made by me but one of my old friends. :3)

(My first sig. ^-^ (Made by someone on Grandchase. o-o))

And lastly the last sig made by someone else for me(So far. xD).

(Fan Made)

Now all these are my creations! Mwahaha, I suck.

(vvv This one was a guild banner which died due to inactivity R.I.P. :' vvv)


Name : Miguel
Nick Name : Mig,Migz,Miggy,Mikey,Migurl
Birthdate : July 28th
Birthplace : Miami.
Current Location : Miami. -3-
Eye Color : Dark Brown
Hair Color : Black
Height : 5' 7"
Weight : 130~135
Piercings : None
Tatoos : None atm.(Want one)
Boyfriend/Girlfriend : None.
Vehicle : Car.
Overused Phrase : Really?

Food : Spaghetti, Bandera Dominicano.
Pub/Disc/Restaurant : Flanagan.
Candy : Warheads.
Number : 6!
Color : Green/White =]
Animal : Monkey, Parrot
Drink : Coke
Perfume : Ralph Lauren #3
TV Show : CSI:NY , Anime
Movie : Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter

This or That
McDonalds or BurgerKing : McDonalds
Chocolate or Vanilla Vanilla
Hot Chocolate or Coffee : Coffee
Kiss or Hug : Hugs.
Dog or Cat : Dogs.
Summer or Winter : Winter
Love or Money : Love.

Bedtime : Whenever I feel like sleeping.
Most Missed Memory : My first puppy. :c
Best phyiscal feature : ;)
First Thought Waking Up : Is it friday?
Fears : Big Bugs.. Like wtf? Not Normal Bro.
Longest relationship : 2 years.

Cheated Your Partner : Nope.
Ever been beaten up : Not reaally.
Ever beaten someone up : Yes.
Ever Shoplifted : TechDecks, Bionicles when I was little.
Ever Skinny Dipped : Been dared too. :/
Ever Kissed Opposite sex : Yes..?
Been Dumped Lately : Nope.

Favorite Eye Color : Green, Brown
Favorite Hair Color : No shaved heads please, Looking like skrillex is bad.
Short or Long : In between. :D
Height : 5" and taller
Style : Lol.
Looks or Personality : Personality
Hot or Cute: Cute.
Muscular or Really Skinny : In between. o-o

What country do you want to Visit : UK
How do you want to Die : Quick
Been to the Mall Lately : Nope
Get along with your Parents : Yes
Health Freak : ..? Not really.
Do you think your Attractive : Nope
Believe in Yourself : Not really
Want to go to College : Anywhere where I can get a degree game related o-o
Do you Smoke : Used too
Do you Drink : Used too
Shower Daily : Of course
Been in Love : I'm in love right now if that counts lol
Do you Sing : Not really, I suck
Want to get Married : Kind of hard in this generation
Do you want Children : At least a son
Hate anyone : No grudges


I must be a terrible person... cause I just realized I had a comment. xD Haha, thank you for being my first comment.

Cute glasses!

Yay!!! Thank you for being so nice!