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Derp.. -_+


right now I am trying aion but the game is pretty big x.x

Ok moving on to another game xD

BOSS we screwed!! no more DWOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Zikon resting ->


Nani Nani :33

Ah, nothing that dangerous though ^^
It's over now I got a few stitches beyond my teeth but I'll recover soon. & thank you.

UCHIHA BABY!! Cleo= 100% naruto fan YEAH!!!!!

Ikr! Q.Q
I got collage preparations + exams for graduating + regular finals. It's pain & my surgery in 2 days. This is one crazy year, can't wait the 2014... Anyway, hope things work out for you :D

I'm good too ty.
Haven't seen you around for a while.