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Blurb About Me

Hey I'm Scarlett Rose. I'm 13 and I'm relativelly smart but who really cares about that? I love Black Veil Brides, Escape the Fate, Falling In Reverse, Bullet for My Valentine, and many many more. Music is my life. Without it I would be dead. My label is emo but whatever. I am also an otaku (someone who loves anime/manga). My favorites are Death Note, Vampire Knight, Fairy Tail, and Princess Resurrection. I honestly don't care what you think of me. Like me, hate me, it doesn't matter. If you hate me then that's your problem, not mine. Get to know me and you will find that I am nice, loyal, can be funny but otherwise serious, loves music and anything creative. I can't dance to save my life but I can sing pretty well. People think I'm depressed a lot and I kinda am, but just because I am doesn't mean I'm going to go try and kill myself twenty-four seven. Also people kinda think I look like the grudge but I promise I'll try not to kill you. O_O
Scarlett Rose (/// - )

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║╩╣║║║║║ support emos or if
╚═╩╩╩╩═╝ u r emo . hi I'm Scarlett. My favorite colors are red, black, and purple. I don't take crap from anyone so if your gonna be a douche than you can get off my page and go eat cupcakes in doucheland. I don't believe in lables but i guess I would be classified as emo. i love BLACK VEIL BRIDES!!! Well bye.
"Never Give In" -Andrew Dennis Biersack