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Hai. I play TS2 because they got rid of TS1 :( My IGN is Kaion.
I play on Redemption server as a guan because they actually look like normal people, besides the whole Chinese/Japanese part.
Real name Taron. I like brownies, who doesn't?
I like to talk and laugh a lot. I'm thinking about playing Hello Kitty Online because I read a review on it and it said I would get part of my childhood back. Can't wait :D


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lol heeeey XD sorry i haven't gotten back to ya. I sort of lost my username for this XD >__

hey you. u havent been on in like forevurr!

hey' sexy, what up?

Yo post the pictures alrdy

yea my game isnt really working either. i just hate when that happens. it gets me so ticked off

nothing much really. you?



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