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Blurb About Me

♥Herro There!♥
I am Vivianne but I prefer Vivi or Vivee.
I am 19 years of age
I am a Neko! rawr :3

Very Nice and Gentle person I am. Growing up I was always taught to keep a positive attitude even when things are going wrong becuase the best will come from it. I love Anime & Manga ALOT! I like to listen to J-Pop, K-pop and regular Pop music of america.
I am sort of shy untill you I actually talk to you. MY GOAL is to help people with alot of things around Aeria Games, by trying alot of different games and helping those who are troubled or need to beguided in the right direction.

♥Video Games♪
♥Cute Things!♪

✿Mean People⋆


DDTank: ♫Vivee♫


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nice pic :3

hi hi :D

XD Hai Vivee. LOL. Nice to meet ya :3

Thank you beautiful!

Hahaha..., nice to meet you Vivianne. XD