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* Name :dylan
Nick Name :ruka
* Birthdate :12/19/1990
* Birthplace:Nyack NY
Current Location:Unadilla NY
Eye Color:lightning blue
Hair Color:platinum blond
Weight:180 Piercings:not yet but soon

Tatoos:working on getting one
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:wife ((krista)
Vehicle: i like walking and riding a bike better
Overused Phrase:come on just the tip it wont hurt i promiss
* Food:Chinese and Italian
Pub/Disc/Restaurant: the hide away / bluerain / olive garden and red lobster Candy:Twizzlers
* Number:69
*Color:neon green and black
Animal:dogs birds and lizards
Drink: any diet soda Body Part on Opposite sex:eyes lips and hips
Perfume:forever king
TV Show: anime, Arrow, supernatural, vampire diaries
Music Album:matchbox 20 more then you think you are
Movie:nightmare before Christmas, horror , fantasy none
This or That
* Pepsi or Coke: pepsi
McDonalds or BurgerKing:MC D's
Chocolate or Vanilla: choc
Hot Chocolate or Coffee: coco
Kiss or Hug: both
Dog or Cat: dog
Rap or Punk: neither
* Summer or Winter: fall
Scary Movies or Funny Movies: both
* Love or Money: love
* Bedtime: none
* Most Missed Memory: my grandfather
* Best phyiscal feature: my eyes
First Thought Waking Up: just 5 more min's
Best Friends:lots
Weakness: my turn ons
Fears: none
Longest relationship: 3 yrs
* Cheated Your Partner: no
* Ever been beaten up: nope
* Ever beaten someone up: yes
Ever Shoplifted: no
Ever Skinny Dipped: yes
Ever Kissed Opposite sex: yes
Been Dumped Lately:nope
* Favorite Eye Color: blue brown n green
* Favorite Hair Color: brown black n red
Short or Long: long
Height: 5'0-5'7
Style: any
* Looks or Personality: personality
Hot or Cute doesn't matter
Muscular or Really Skinny: chunky
What country do you want to Visit: japan
How do you want to Die: sleeping
Been to the Mall Lately: yes
Get along with your Parents:yes
* Health Freak: no
Do you think your Attractive: idk
* Believe in Yourself: yes
Want to go to College: no
Do you Smoke: yes
Do you Drink: yes
Shower Daily: yes
* Been in Love: yes
Do you Sing: yes
Want to get Married:yes
Do you want Children: i have 1
Hate anyone: yes


not that I know of
well you can tell him to pm me if anything comes up

well I just happened to see you at home 3 xD

uh...uh...I like scarring guards while running across sugi camp pantsless?

I like POKING the guards who are asleep on the job. O_o

Blurb About Me

my names Ruka and im 23 years old and a father of one beautiful baby girl. i play bass guitar as well as sing and write my own music. im a true romantic by heart and hate hurting people but if i have to i try real hard to be as nice as i can about one point in my life i was the body guard of all my friends but i stopped all of that foolishness a long time ago i don't believe wars between people should be settled with brute force it just so... uncivilized. i love my friends more then anything in the world and without them i wouldnt be who i am today. and well my family.. yeah their pretty cool too especially my lil bro dustin hes a awesome skate boarder and guitar player as well for a 18 year old. ne way some the enjoyments i get out of life well i gess id have to say just living life to the fullest and doing as i please when i please. i write my own story and leave no blank pages and i love chilling with friends and family as well as drawing. i also love to cook on the grill and my favorite colors are black and white