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One who speaks knows nothing, one who doesnt speak knows all



You mean you could set up the PlayStation emu?!?! OMG
If you have skype, please add me and help me set it up for myself! ;o;

Lol, yes. I've been told that working a Playstation, PS2 emulator, etc, is ridiculously hard. Someone said that he'd rather grate his penar against a cheese grater than configure one of those, hahaha.

About the message I sent you. Apparently the img didn't show correctly. Just copy and paste the URL into your browser. I'm sorry I couldn't be of any help.

Haha, well... YES, ACTUALLY! Global Agenda just went F2P. Fun as **** thus far, and supposedly it doesn't lean towards P2W, either, which is a very nice change from most F2P MMOs. Other than that... I'm playing Eden Eternal and Perfect World. That's about it for MMOs. Kind of have been pulling away from them lately--mainly because my friend helped me get an SNES Emulator! :3

Hey, David; thanks for the add! :D


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Im currently in college, so i wont be able to play as much as i like