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i am a big tool fan,so i put some of my favorite tool songs here.


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Blurb About Me

i am toshibo toyatomi.its not my real name but i am a fan of japanise stuff.
anyway...i like crafting stuff,mostly carving wooden blades and shields.and i like
wielding them and learning skills with them.i like video games and my favorite is guitar hero.i play in hard and expert.i like lots of types of music and mostly rock.i also like playing guitar...
i play lots of online of my favorites is shadowtale.i like to talk to people.and i like making new friends so send me a friend request.^_^


so far away...


i had a swim meet today but it got either postponed or canceled because the stream near the pool flooded

lol :)

why are you pissed?

yeah it has been a while wats up :)

hey wats up :)

happy belated birthday i'm sorry i wished a happy birthay a little late haven't been able to get on much lately so anyway....

sry im l8 but happy birthday clan member

ight i got my charcter. his name is Dean Rider. he is 16 years old. hes mainly the mature person. hes fearless,cool and is used to weapons since he is a marine of about 15 different army bases, and a commander of 2 of them. even though he is really mature, he still wants to meet people (and the special girl for him) before he was a marine, he was and still is a top ninja and a swordsman. he dosen't let anyone get in his way of passing a mission given to him. hope thats good enough

my character name is Rod all bright but u call him Rod he thinks hes the man hes a hot head who thinks no one can defeat him .just join the academy he knowa kong fu and how to shoot fire balls he is 15 years .People say that he is like naruto always the hot shot trying to get strong every day .

wow sounds cool dude, just give me a while to think bout my charcter, if thats ok =)