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  • Name: yasi^^
  • Gender: female
  • Birth: Jun 16
  • Location: anime land ^-^... Iran
  • Join Date: Apr 8, 2010
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hello how are you, I could not connect before that was very busy at work, a greeting, I hope we can chaear one of these days

karma ^^

migam dige baba!
chize khasi nist!
sarekariye ta HODODI!

badan behet migam,tolaniye!

ello tifa long time no see can u be so nice if u can share this vid to ur friends http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WibmcsEGLKo&feature=g-all-f&context=G2a1988cFAAAAAAAAIAA

From Wreck & Eva!

Thanks For The Karma! (: I Love Yhur Profile Tooo.

hala badan avaz mikonam!

how was school??


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Blurb About Me

hey welcome to my profile,I'm yasaman...but my friends call me"yasi"or "yas".
i have 3 bros and 3 sises in here!and lot's of good friends!
jade (muppet96) => best friend ever! i have fun with her ,she is coooool! ;)

mike (hotguy76)=> well...i have no bro or sis in my real life but he is the best bro ever i want to have ;) i can talk with him a lot! but he is so simple and so sweet!* I LOVE MY BRO ALOT. ;)

sogand or Alison or thirenty => she is my lovely sis ever i have in my real life we can talk,go out,having fun &....well i can say that she is the best friend ever.she helps me a lot and i can make her laugh but I'm not a joker!

WinterRockStar (Christina)=> my beloved sis,but she is so quiet but i love her! :))

Rililola (fatten)=> i love her a good sis 4 me and a good friend that i can talk about any thing with her!

korouk (Daniel)=> my lil bro,whoops sry !we r in a same age but i love to call him....lil bro! lol he is so sweet and funny and a good LITTLE BRO! ;P

shadowlink3 (Christopher)=> my biggest bro^^ and i love him a lot^^

i wish that u have fun in here!=)

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c ya :3