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  • Name: Jacob
  • Gender: male
  • Location: Goldcoast Australia
  • Join Date: Jan 26, 2010
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Roxas"69" huehuehueuhe

Happy New Year Jake!

O_O I'm on GFJake's page...? -pees pants-

-pokes back- /o/

Hey wanted to just drop by and leave a thank you for the warm welcome Termintor23!

Also. Kingdom Hearts. Amazing game! Loved it!

I was browsing through the members of a group and came across your profile so yeah. o v o

Sora! ♥ Karma+. X3

-pokes- thanks for the add! ^-^

Hey there Jakey, Just checking up on how things are going there.

Blurb About Me

hi my names jacob but my family and Friends call me jake ^^

i have been with grand fantasia for over 2 years and have no plans of ever leaving

i love to eat, swim, play gf with my Friends (yea all my rl Friends ditched me xD guess that makes me a no lifer :P ) and i love helping people.. if i could id be online 24/7..

im also a hardcore Kingdom Hearts fan :D

im always willing to chat to anyone and have fun doing anything ingame so if your ever on bodor ch3 and are bored just whisper me and lets do something :D

these are also my nicknames ingame :P fluffinotor, Fluffmite, fluffeh, termi and fluffeh buns >.> thanks for reading this i guess xD cyas ingame ^^


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