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bye strobaba was nice knowing you. I'll still be around in other games sb's .

Memories of a Nightmare: A DWO Short Film by S.n. Tenshi Has been uploaded. Enjoy it in HD! Thanks for Watching!

Bye, Strobava! I will still be hanging around on at least one shout box after DWO closes, so if you will still be in the neighborhood, we can always chat. :)

Bye Fwiffo! It's been fun, I just wish it could have lasted longer :) Take care of yourself :) x

Yup, have a good one!

Hi Strobava, I sincerely hope so. I am really depress at my TW Character at 228 honors and poor as **** wearing a +1 nanman croc with a stupid merchant cap running around avoid dudes trying to create chat to sort me out.......why has it come to this?

give me skype>>

Goodbye my friend will miss hanging out with u :(

Just letting you know I'm making a new video which will be uploaded to Youtube as soon as it done on Windows Movie Maker

Bye fwiffi.
May we meet again perhaps someday.


Awesome meng Huo art by J.swagger=


Blurb About Me

well I am gonna remove Aeria forums from my browser and uninstall DWO.
If you need me for any reason I am on skype.
I wanna oppologise to any one who comments to me here---chances are I won't see 'em.
Sorries :{


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