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sig made by:axora

sig made byRabbittt

sig made by:xapricot

words sigs
my forum:
my gf movies log:
my website:none
my gms and gs fanclubs icons and others

my favorite icons.this icons made for me

my favorite blinkz.this blinks are made for me.

games i love: Suikoden 1-5
currently game playing: Suikoden 1-5,.hack 1-4,.hack//gu 1-3,Final Fantasy XII
Currerntly MMO game playing:Grand Fansatica,EE

Starkingdom's grandfansatasia random auction shop(closed for now)
starkingdom's grandfansatasia random auction shop
starkingdom's New Gf-Ponchee random auction shop
starkingdom's new GF-Ponchee random auction shop
starkingdom's ee random acution shop(closed)
starkingdom's ee random items shop

my domo groups
ruby pets lovers group
sapphire pets lovers group
jade pets lovers group
metal pets lovers group
lilly pets lover group
domo Alchemy group





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