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  • Name: Andreia
  • Gender: female
  • Birth: Apr 23
  • Location: Lisbon Portugal
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Blurb About Me

I am just a girl like many others, relaxed and i am a person that gives a lot of importance to friendships and relationships ( family ).
If possible i hang out with them.
About gaming.... I am a fair-player when comes to rules and i love to meet other ppl from other countries and have a gd laugh.

Music Playlist at P.S: Noob Power!


Hello :D
Karma for u

Good and thanx : ) how are u ?

Karma for the nub :P

ty :D

Archer Power Yay us!

Ah easy to SP can make around 40k SP until 29..but thats too much lol. Well for lvl 115 u know u need to go Hecate, and then easy to lvl..u just need Monet! :D

Yup i hope so too! i get 3% a day xD
And u need to get to 140 soon, then they are a few months for 160 with the quests in Mond :)

Ty hun, i am trying to. :)
and Thank you again! soon to be 17x thats about..1year or sth lol

I'm trying to get better, had some bad news previous week so trying to....what about you? :)

Hey there beautiful healer! hehe
How are u! :) *spank*